Welcome to the unofficial Heroes Odyssey wiki. This is a source of all information on the land of Vantacor, from the famous landmarks and battles that have marred its landscape, to the monsters that plague its borders.

And, of course, the many colorful adventurers who fight within it.

The Land of Vantacor Edit

Characters Edit

Vantacor's home to a variety of colorful characters, from all over the realm, all viciously fighting for one cause or another. Why not learn about them?

If you would like to add your own character, feel free to use the New Character Template and get started!

Clans and Warbands Edit

Fight for honor and glory alongside the Mugen! Bring back creatures of myth and legend with the Dragonmarked! There's a variety of clans for an adventurer to swing a sword for, along with the warbands within them, so feel free to find out more about them!

If you've got an unlisted clan or have just founded a Warband, there's a New Clan Template ready just for you so you can get started.

Locations Edit

From the twisted, corrupted Sundered Lands to the drunken mystery that is Beertopia, there are many places in Vantacor for your characters and clans to conquer.

To add a new location, just use the New Location Template and get straight to work crafting this new land!

Help Edit

Canon and Fanon Edit

Vantacor is a land of many stories and tales, and the game encourages boundless creativity from its playerbase. There's a clear line, however, between places and events that are created to be a vital part of the world - for example, the Throne, or the Bandits of Freedosia, and those generated by the playerbase.

As such, content aside from character pages is clearly marked as 'Canon' or 'Fanon'; unmarked content is pending review or approval by the committee. Please don't make a page about your father, the secret vampire lord and ruler of Vantacor, and mark it as canon without official approval from the Committee.

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